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Re: Mutron III clone. I'm a lazy putz.

1/24/2000 4:09 PM
GregRe: Mutron III clone. I'm a lazy putz.
Well, here's the story. What I've got is actually an early toner package of RG's. Given to me by Justin Philpott about 2 or 3 yrs ago because he had doubles from when he volunteered to try to build it. (Wonder how Justin's doin'?) Anyway, I just had it stashed away and just dug it out. I have the parts placement diagram but no parts list. Last night, I went ahead and used CJ's schematic to make a parts list. Now, I've just got to translate it to Mouser part numbers. BTW, anybody have any tips on the 3 position rotary Range switch? I guess I could use a toggle but I'd like to give the rotary a try? What would I need? 4 pole, 3 position? Shorting or non-shorting?  
Would love to hear from anybody who's built one of these things!  

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