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Re: J and H pedal

1/14/2000 8:25 PM
Re: J and H pedal
I tried one out for a couple weeks and thought it was pretty nice. In fact if I didn't already have a truck load of stompboxes I probably would've kept it.  
Pretty well thought out design to... lots of tonal possibilities and switching.  
Does the tubescreamer thing real well and the H side is pretty flexible... I really like the sweepable tone control.  
On the down side, I thought it had a little more noise and hiss then the OD-3 and DS-1 that I'm currently using but not that bad.  
Something else to consider is the price... Mars was selling these for $109 here in Dallas which is an incredible bargain for a new pedal when you see what reissue TS-9's are retailing for.  
just my .02 and 1/2 :-)  

Chris Thanks for the reply. I'm definital... -- 1/17/2000 10:46 AM