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Re: Programmable effects switcher (long)

1/7/2000 6:08 PM
anonymousRe: Programmable effects switcher (long)
The switches I'm on about are called "micro" but aren't too micro. They're heavy duty momentary switches which look like normal microswitches on steroids. The one I had was from a security door which was being replaced, the switch was what told the alarm control circuit if the door is open or shut.  
Whereas a normal microswitch may have a little plastic pin to activate it, this thing had a solid steel shaft a little smaller in size than a normal DPDT footswitch and the same kind of threaded collar for attaching it to it's final destination. And no pic of one sorry.  
As for what I intend my switcher for, I run a Z00m 9050 as my main sound and use a chain of pedals in parallel with that, so I can, for instance, layer a flanged echo behind a crunchy and bone dry rhythm sound. What I wan't is a way to select more than one thing at a time in that side chain as opposed to having to do the tapdancing thing to kick in, for example, that flanger and echo seperately.  
As it stands I've got the side chain of pedals terminating in a mute switch so I preselect what I'll be needing, think of this as programming, and kick it in when needed. Using the kind of design we're discussing here i'll be able to pre program more than one "patch" for the pedals and switch away at will, just like the Zoom unit.