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opto device in compressor?

12/28/1999 1:43 AM
opto device in compressor?
Hi everybody!  
I was wondering how i could desing the opto part of a compressor,with a photoresistor and a lamp.The problem is i don't know which lamp and photoresistor to choose,i bet the lamp should be about 30 v one,and the res,should be about 1 meg.  
I think i'll use a triopde and heptode valve;the triode for primary amplification,and dephasing;then run the oposite phase in the photoresistor;and the normal signal through the lamp.And mix the two signals in the heptode.  
Best regards.  

Scott Swartz Max,I see you are s... -- 12/28/1999 6:17 PM