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Re: QWhat did you expect?

12/24/1999 10:15 PM
Re: QWhat did you expect?
a few year back when I got into pedal designs for my own purposes then I thought I could build stuff for others I realized something... The designs for myself that included many knobs, switches, and five or six LFO waveshapes were not things that that common players would want... People want pedals that are plug in and sound like _______.  
Wouldn't it confuse a common player if there was a flanger that had the LFO disconnected allowing one to get strange resonances instead of the swash we are used to hearing from one? I have wanted to do this to my flanger for awhile, it would probably be a commercial flop should I want to go that way. Hendrix didn't have this done to his boss flanger nor did the guy from Limp Bizkit... What good would it be? Retro is a crazy thing but where will pedals be when retro dies? I bet original Muffs will go for $20-$40 again.  
But will retro really ever die? I mean will it continue forever just going to different eras of playing? Will we see players with six foot racks playing Kramers soon?  
As far as manufacturer over-rating I'd have to say Roger Mayer boxes are way over-rated. They don't do that much and in some oppinions sound like crap. To me they don't sound crappy they sound different. I bought mine mostly for the cool rocket case. Roger is a sorta hero to me but he plays on the whole Jimi thing so much I wonder if he pays royalities to the Hendrix estate.  
This brings me to Boss. They have done an increadable job of marketing to the entire world. The pedals are very conservative, I have never made my amp sound like it was gonna explode by using one of their boxes. I thought guitar was supposed to be "extreme"? (Maybe this why so many of my friends have gone to other "instruments" such as DJing.) If you don't like one of their boxes go get a different one. You have 30 to select from, each fitting within super conservative specs that will surely not insult.  
Then EH. They were once extreme now they recycle old extremes which is pretty conservative.  
Were is the EH of today? How many albums have you heard with a fuzz factory on it? Not too many. As soon as someone does Mr. Vex is gonna have to build a plant in Tailand. Until then I may not have my own. ;)  
sorry for the rant. I wonder if I actually made a point?