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DOD Compressor 280 troubles...

12/22/1999 6:09 PM
GregDOD Compressor 280 troubles...
I've got this old DOD 280 from the 70's that is giving me a headache. I fried it when I was a kid by using an improper AC adapter w/ it. Anyway, about a year ago I replaced all electrolytics and the IC and it "works" but not nearly as well as I remember it working back in the day.  
Basically, the "comp" knob seems to really increase the gain and the response time for the squash seems slow. You hear your initial attack and then it compresses (and not very well, I might add). This is really hard to describe. I apologize for that. Let's just say that I KNOW it isn't working up to snuff.  
So my question:  
What else could have been fried by my AC adapter goof? As I remember (20+ yrs ago) I used a 9v adapter but got the polarity wrong.  
Could I have fried the Vactrol LDR? If I did, what would the symptoms be?  
Would any of the non polarized caps have been affected?  
Any ideas?  
Thanks in advance,