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Other possibilities?

12/20/1999 11:19 PM
Other possibilities?
Although we have plenty of stuff to build mind bugging switchboards, I tried to find a different *fency* way to make the board.  
I have already posted it to Steve Newton, because he came with the 4514-chip, and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, I couldn't get on the newgroup until some minutes ago.. (whole day I goit this idiot message to press "refresh").  
Suppose: We have 4 switches/programs. Would it be possible to have 4x 4514's, one per program. We use a fifth 4514 (the master) to control the others. This last one will be setup like in Steve Newtons original footswitch setup. Only this time, the master will not be connect to the programswitches, but to the other 4514's. In this way you would select one of the 4514-unit (=a program).  
Now the idea behind it: I would use 4 momentary fingerswitches (for each fxloop, one) and a rotary switch. When I set the rotary switch to the corresponding program (4514 unit) I could activate the learn mode and press some of the 4 momentary switches (as programming which loops must be active). then I turn off the learning mode of this 4514 unit and switch away with the rotary switch to neutral.  
Now the corresponding 4514 is programmed. To remain the "program" in the 4514, we need power. I would suggest a 9 volt battery *ONLY* to remain the 4514's status'. The rest of the circuit must be powered external with an adaptor. Would it be possible? [ok.. the rotary switch will also need an extra switch to prevent unwanted reseting off the programs of the other 4514s, because a rotary switch temperary selects them...]  
Kind regards,  

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