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previous: Aron Ed, these are MOSFETs used as clipp... -- 12/17/1999 3:53 AM View Thread

Re: mosfet clippers ?

12/17/1999 7:51 AM
hys chip
Re: mosfet clippers ?
thanks for more great info Aron and ED...  
I have ran into diodes in the feedback loop  
causing that spattring sound on the decay  
with a few diode set ups,pretty ugly for shure.  
useing a 12 way rotary switch to test diode set ups and wanted to add the MOFET ideas. now it looks like a to-92 socket is in order here....thanks Aron I will try hacking  
in diodes to ground just to see what happens.. trying to nail that SRV tone in messing with the ts.  
I am a metalhead at heart but have started learning some  
SRV tunes and the TS just seems to get me pretty close. I get to crank my amp up pretty good out here...and mixing the gain on my voodoo and the gain on the ts stays pretty clean/yet heavy for metal stuff as well...unlike all my distortion boxes. I have been druling over the shaka..but want to finish this project first...  
I am very happy with what I have so far but want to leave no stones left unturned.  
then I will move on to a diodes to ground layout,but sounds like you got that one nailed Aron.  
thanks again everyone...  

R.G. Something you have to watch with MO... -- 12/17/1999 3:01 PM