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Re: Chorus , what's your favorite pedal and why?

12/14/1999 7:19 PM
Re: Chorus , what's your favorite pedal and why?
I'm currently using a Voodoo Labs analog chorus, which is a little noisy but sounds nice. It's less noisy in an fx loop than in front of an amp, and inherently noisy amps (like BF Fenders) make it worse. Still, sounds great. Turned way up there are *bizarre* sounds, but I tend to be fairly subtle with it. I like to use a *little* chorus and a bare hint of delay. I'm anxious to hear Fulltone's new chorus'flange, the uniVibe clone he makes has a nice chorus. I've used an old MultiVox chorus/vibrato rack unit in the past, and it actually had a very nice chorus. FWIW, I've only used a few MultiVox things (the CB-1 mentioned, the tape echo and some mics) but they were all excellent. Out of business, of course.  

jered Ibanez CS-9 Je... -- 12/15/1999 6:45 AM