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Re: Doh!! You're right!

12/7/1999 5:00 PM
Re: Doh!! You're right!
Beware of difference in quality among these mini pots. The ones I've gotten from Allparts are good, but the factory supplied ones in korean made Epiphone guitars, and some MIJ Fenders, are poor quality when it comes to resistance track life and sonic signature. (Mini pots in Boss effects pedals seem to be of excellent quality, BTW.) The pot in your junk box could be one of those low quality versions. It's not bad advice to throw away any questionable pot as soon as it's pulled from a circuit. No, I haven't been able to break my "save for later" habits either. I do try to label things, including where it came from, before I stash it. At least I'll have some clue for reference If I choose to re-use it later (after my memory is completely erased).  
I checked Allparts, and the price was $3.50 for their mini pot. Not bad, so if the junk box part doesn't give you gsatisfactory performance, a new one won't set you back much. The threaded bushing size on the mini pot is a bit smaller than the usual full size pot. You may need to fit extra flatwashers and carefully center if the hole is already the larger size.

Steve B. I hear ya. The one I found IS proba... -- 12/7/1999 6:08 PM