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Re: Tube Distortion effect with real tubes??

12/4/1999 2:53 PM
Re: Tube Distortion effect with real tubes??
See Tubeworks or Chandler TubeDriver type stuff. That sounds like exactly what you are talking about. Hit some links that I'm sure will be popping up in this thread soon,(or explore the different posts already here), and I'm sure some of those have info for DIY tube overdrives. You did bring up an interesting thing that I haven't thought of. A combined Tube Overdrive/Tube-Driven Spring Reverb Tank. That would be perfect for any amp that lacks reverb, and may need to be played at a moderate volume or just to add a little "nasty". One unit to carry and plug in instead of two. And if done properly, I imagine it would sound very good. Anyone else know of such a unit?