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Tube Distortion effect with real tubes??

12/4/1999 8:06 AM
Levi S
Tube Distortion effect with real tubes??
I was wondering if any one has built a distortion unit using tubes?  
I have a number of 12AX7s kicking around, would these be suitable?  
Is any one else interested in this type of endeavor?  
I guess the drawbacks that haven't led to this being a common item are the power requirements. And perhaps what I'm thinking about is more like a pre-amp of some sort.  
Also what kind of voltscurrent does a guitar or instruments in general put out, i.e, after the signal goes through the preamp I'd imagine that you'd have to step it back down to something reasonable to input into an amp.  
I also have an extra reverb tank kicking around, would this be a suitable additionengineering problem?  
I'd appreciate any ideas, info, schems, similiar endeavours.  
Levi S.

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