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Re: reverb

11/29/1999 10:25 PM
Re: reverb
Brad mentioned the Fender stand alone 6G15 reverb unit, which is a classic standard to which most reverbs are compared. There's another route to take for adding external reverb to your amp. This unit is not tube driven (your post didn't specify that anyway), but a Boss RV-3 pedal actually sounds pretty decent. It has both reverb and delay features, which can be applied separately, or it has a few settings with some reverb + delay if you prefer a little of each. This pedal has been out for about 3-4 years now. I've rarely seen a used one for sale, so that's a pretty good indication for owner satisfaction. There's an older version, an RV-2, which neglects the "both" feature. The sonics aren't as pleasing as the newer improved version, but it works ok in some situations. If you find one cheap, it might suffice. I got a used one cheap after owning the RV-3. I could easily see why they redesigned it. The RV-3 pedal isn't cheap (think of it as two Boss digital pedals in one) at around $150, but I think it's performance to size ratio is huge. Try one out at a music store before you decide.  
I know of a rockabilly band (Razorbacks) where the guitar player used to have a vintage 6G15 and an Echoplex ahead of a brown Bassman whenever I saw him play his black Gretsch with flames painted on it. The last two times, I didn't notice any reverb or delay boxes with his amp rig. He was using a Boss RV-3 and it sounded realistic. (Turns out, when he found out how much that vintage effects gear was worth, he stopped carting it around to gigs.)

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