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Alesis Question.

11/29/1999 9:23 PM
Preben Hansen
Alesis Question.
Hi again.  
I would like to hear any opinion on the following unit:  
ALESIS QuadRaverb, the ordinary version (Not Plus or GT).  
Dates inside the box is varying from DEC 90 to Feb. 91.  
The main print bares two different revision indicators, one Rev.E the other REV AD  
The Eprom has a label too:  
QUAD 1.03, ALESIS,3-13-89, BB40  
I have testet it for a friend,It sounds really nice, low noise, 9v torodial xformer build into the unit,  
Now to the questions:  
How much should i pay for it?  
Is a userguide available ?  
Is it still possible to get the upgrade eprom to make it a plus version ?  
What could I recommend as PROGRAM chage foot-controller ?  
I have searched the Alesis sit, but they only hav info on the Plus and GT version.  
Thanks in advance, Preben.  

roger The Quadraverb isn't a bad unit, bu... -- 11/30/1999 2:21 AM