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Opamp shootout/ effect of the month worries.

11/17/1999 11:58 PM
Ed Rembold
Opamp shootout/ effect of the month worries.
Shoot-out is coming. (Gus turned me on to another Opamp family, which I wish to include)  
Disclaimer- I am not an EE, I'm not going to be de-bunking  
any theory, mojo, or facts. I'm only going to be presenting  
data, which I'll be honest, shocked me. It could be that the vetrans will already know - But if so, they have been keeping this info to themselves- On the other hand, who knows?  
I've been thinking about this effect of the month stuff,  
R.G. may have noticed my quietness about this subject.  
(who am I kidding ,probably not)  
Anyways- this is what worries me, while we debate and discuss building and modifing vintage clones, and popular  
"already-made" pedals. The trend is moving towards "new"  
designs. If we discuss these "en-mass" and collectively  
work the bugs out- Whats to keep Boutique builders from  
printing the finished schem. and laughing all the way to the bank? I was a newbie when a certain Paradiddle7 was pumping the Vets for info- Whats he doing now? You know!  
If I were a Boutique builder -I'd check this site every day, Anyone who thinks they know it all, is soon to be a has been. Tell me , Am I paranoid?  
Comments Please, Ed R.

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