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Re: Clean Boosters/semi-rant

11/11/1999 5:24 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: Clean Boosters/semi-rant
What happens depends upon where in your effects chain the GE-7 is placed. If you place it before your distortion/OD pedal you can accent or limit the amount of distortion to each of the 7 frequency ranges. If you place it after your dist/OD pedal you can accent or limit the resulting distorted signal and its harmonics. By using the GE around a dist pedal, it allows you to sculpt a personal sound that wouldn't be available if you were using the dist/OD pedal alone. I guess this would be the "blue chip" version of changing the coupling caps to allow different frequencies in or out of an effect; come to think of it the coupling caps will probably limit the ability of the GE7 to sculpt the sound going into the dist/OD pedal in some frequency ranges.  
The GE-7 also has the overall gain slider on the far right. You can use this to push your dist/OD pedal even more or use it to push the next effect in the chain or the input of your amp. Very flexable indeed. The other guitarist in my band uses it as a "clean boost" for his acoustic for when he takes solos. This allows him to again sculpt his sound and narrow down the frequencies that may cause feedback.  
Back to your question Chris, I believe that what you say is the truth but not only when the frequencies are boosted, but also when they are cut, can the GE7 create a whole different distortion then using your effect alone.  
Hope I made sense,  
Jay Doyle