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Re: Warning: rant ahead

11/9/1999 7:29 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: Warning: rant ahead
Well coming from the other side I have to say that there would be no way that I would be building effects if it weren't for the Internet. I have to agree with the availability of useless information on the web, most of which amounts to educational red herrings. I started working on computers back when the Apple II came out when I was 10 or so, and from then I never left my interest in computers behind. But until I started to read up about how to improve a TS5 that I was given, I thought that the web was great for wasting your time but not much else. I can honestly say that everything I have learned about effects came off of the Internet from all of you. So please do not discount the web for educational purposes, especially on this topic (DIY FX). For example, Aron, do you think you would have come up with the Shaka Bradda III (incredible pedal BTW) with snail mail and without the ease and speed of the Internet? If you say yes then you are a patient, patient man, more so than I am.  
And to address the trouble of children doing research on the internet and not in a library; I suggest asking your children's teachers to do what my teachers at Wake Forest University did; to not allow internet references. I imagine you could find an Internet reference to prove any point no matter how wrong.  
It's all in using a balance of resources and attempting to gain and utilize all useful information.  
Just my experience,  
Jay Doyle  

R.G. q{So please do not discount the web... -- 11/9/1999 9:11 PM