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Re: Suggestions for a Effect-of-the-month Club?

10/29/1999 10:30 AM
Re: Suggestions for a Effect-of-the-month Club?
I've always wanted to do a "MIDI controller" for analog FX. That is you hook your pedals to this box, and use a midi pedalboard or midi sequencer to select "preset" combinations of pedals. Of course it would be able to control amp channel switching too. Now Mark just remembered one more feature it could have: fx order changing. What about being able to put things in parallel or in stereo? If you think about the hardware it's not so complicated, just a cheap microcontroller (a 8031 would do it), a "telephone" like keypad for programming, some kind of display, maybe 7-segment LED and some analog switches or relays. The most complicated is developing the software and burning the EPROM (few DIYer's would be able to burn it), but if it is a kit one could sell pre-burned EPROMs with the "firmware".

R.G. Omni-switch -- 10/29/1999 1:05 PM