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Re: Suggestions for a Effect-of-the-month Club?

10/29/1999 7:20 AM
Preben Hansen
Re: Suggestions for a Effect-of-the-month Club?
I have been thinking of a kind of "order-switcher" for a long time. My idea's are as follows:  
The switcher should (only)activate the order of effects like  
Distortion, Fuzz, Wah, Filters and EQ's, (maybe som noise-gating too).  
Each effect should have a number, 1 - 9 or 1 - F.  
Each effect has a "digital-switch" for setting the number.  
From a "switch-board" on the floor you should be able to switch the individual effect on/off, AND select it's number in the chain.  
Maybe you could "expand" the "switcher" to have posibilities to select between "pre-defined orders".  
(Maybe you have to double some of the effects to bring this solution to real life).  
All other effects, to my opinion, has always a "fixed place in the chain". Examples: Compressor: Always first in chain. and delay-basesd effects, flanger/chorus/phaser/tape-echo/spring reverb always last in the chain.  
Just my ideas. Preben.  

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