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Re: MXR Distortion+

10/28/1999 10:27 AM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: MXR Distortion+
Hi JD, I built one also (out of the schematic plus pic of the innards in a mag), and I too think there is more to this unit than previous postings suggest. Mine was built around a 741, some carbon comps(the two 10ks and 4.7k), carbon film(the 1Ms), Ge diodes, ceramics, and less harsh sounding tants w/what sounded like poorer high freq. response. I also "massaged" it some slightly different values(2.2uF to 4.7uF for the coupling cap, 1500pF to 2200pF at the output). It's a pretty simple circuit, so the sonics of the parts used should affect it a lot, I'd think.  
>>Guess what, even the diode bypass position distorts!  
I would think that removing clipping diodes would make it louder but less sonically dynamic(I usually favor keeping the diodes when they are clippers).  
Anyway, JD, you're not alone...  
Happy tweaking!  
Dai Hirokawa

JD Sleep Dai,>>I would think... -- 10/28/1999 1:10 PM