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previous: Aron The SD-1 was selling for $39 here. ... -- 10/26/1999 6:13 PM View Thread

Re: SD-1 to TS-9 conversion? - price???

10/26/1999 6:38 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: SD-1 to TS-9 conversion? - price???
Hey Aron,  
In my opinion $39 is a steal for this pedal, especially if that is the new price. Add in a JRC4558 and you've got a great pedal, in a solid enclosure too. I imagine once you add up the price to build one from scratch $39 pales in comparison; I am including the price of the pots, jacks and enclosure. For OD/Distortion tinkering I personally think buying used to mod saves time and money.  
As a side note, I seem to be one of few who really like this pedal, what are you others running in your rig? I've always used a strat into a Fender Blues DeVille 2x12. Maybe it just sounds better with single coils.  
Jay Doyle

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