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Re: SD-1 to TS-9 conversion?

10/26/1999 4:46 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: SD-1 to TS-9 conversion?
Yeah I'd leave it too but I was talking about modding it to TS-9 specs. To do this you'll need to remove a diode from the two diode side. If you're modding it just to mod it, go crazy! I like Aron's/Jack's Shaka Bradda idea of using a MOSFET as a diode. But if you are going to try and make it to TS-9 specs, without too much work, change the tone section and remove one of the diodes.  
Jay Doyle

Aron The MOSFET idea is actually John Gr... -- 10/26/1999 6:10 PM