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Re: Fulltone "69" pedal V's DIY "69" pedal.

10/26/1999 3:07 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: Fulltone "69" pedal V's DIY "69" pedal.
Check out "The Technology of the Fuzz Face" on R.G.'s site. In the section on mods, R.G. goes through a couple that Mike Fuller posted on the net a while back, one of which being a 50k pot on the input to adjust the impedence of the input to soften up the distortion. Another important point is the hFE of your transistors; again R.G. has stated Mike Fuller's idea on the subject. But the fuzz face is easy to build but difficult to get right due to the parts needing to be "just right." Read the article, it will surely help.  
Jay Doyle