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Re: SD-1 to TS-9 conversion?

10/26/1999 2:57 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: SD-1 to TS-9 conversion?
I have both the SD-1 with "the chip" as well as a TS-5 that I modded to TS808 specs. They definately have a different sound but I wouldn't rule out the SD-1 as a high quality pedal, and I place it on the same plane as the TS808.  
BUT, if I were going to mod the SD-1 to make it more like a TS-9 without changing EVERYTHING, I would follow GFR's advice and change the tone section first and then take out one of the diodes in the clipping stage. The SD-1 has two on one polarity, one on the other, while the TS-9 employs one on each side.  
I think the SD-1 has a great sound, with a little more high-end "bite" than the TS-9. But the TS-9's tone filters seem to be set up to cut out the high end while the SD-1 seems to be set up to allow a wider tonal range to get through. The SD-1 also has more gain available, another point you may want to mod.  
IMHO, the SD-1 is a HUGE sleeper pedal selling as low as $25 on the net. For that price its a great buy, especially if you are going to mod it, but as I said you may want to give it a second chance.  
Jay Doyle

GFR I would keep the two diodes // one ... -- 10/26/1999 4:10 PM