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Re: Infos on MN3XXX clocks and BBDs

10/21/1999 11:08 PM
Mike I.
Re: Infos on MN3XXX clocks and BBDs
Just found the "effects" section of this BBS after all these weeks..have some reading to do. To get info on the MN3xxx chips go to the Panasonic website at  
Select English, then select Panasonic Semiconductor, then select Product Info, then select Electronic Catalog, then select "BBD Series for Audio Applications" in the parametric search. A bit long winded, but typing in the full URL does not seem to work.  
PDF files for most of the MN30xx, MN32xx and the new MN33xx series may be downloaded from here. The new MN33xx series is spec'd for 3 volt operation, but has poorer S/N than the higher voltage versions. Could be nice for 2 penlight cell type stuff.  

Nyquist Thanks very much to all of you!... -- 10/22/1999 2:02 PM