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Re: Tacking on some possible FF mods

10/20/1999 10:54 AM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: Tacking on some possible FF mods
Howdy, FFaceHeads, been messing around w/lower gain Ge Trs and wanted to share an observation on the "10uf instead of 20uF" mod.  
10uF for low gain Ge Trs like AC128 seems too low. 20uF or higher seems to work better w/the lower gain Ge Trs.  
10uF seems better w/high gain Ge Trs and Si Trs. Also I'm not absolutely sure about this but recently I noticed that my Si FF copy wasn't sounding as good as I remembered, so I checked the battery voltage and it read low(about 7 volts). Has anybody else experienced such a phenomenon of Si FFs sounding worse as the voltage drops(is this backwards from the perspective of some people liking their Ge FFs w/weaker voltage)? (Not sure about this also,) but the clean tone w/the gtr. pot turned down a little seemed worse also. I kinda wondered if these were some sort of audio hallucinations or what.  
>I've subbed a couple of transistors and one of the 158's was crappy. The silicon were soso. Still kinda dull.  
Also, on the above, have you made sure the connection of the 20uF is as it should be? I've hooked it up wrong in the past and seem to recall that this made it very dull and weak sounding. Also, maybe it is hooked up correctly but you just don't like the sound of the specific Trs you are using. If you want a more exaggerated fuzz effect, I would suggest that you check out some higher gain Ge Trs.  
Dai Hirokawa  
Dai Hirokawa