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Re: No biggie.

10/18/1999 5:10 PM
Re: No biggie.
"I'm sticking with the bands that i've chosen, not to be stubborn, but just to try to keep it simple."
Hey, if it sounds good to you, great - go with it! Mark and I are just theorizing. Reality coalesces out of the clouds of theory.  
Simplicity is also something to be striven for. Having three knobs per frequency band in a multiband EQ is great if you're a techie, but not so good for lightning tone changes on stage in a dark smoky bar. Flexibility is another name for complexity, and inflexibility is simplicity carried too far. Elegance is just enough of each.  
"only "cut" is required no boost, If you pre boost bass , you get Fuzz if you pre boost treble , you get unreal fizz.  
if you pre boost mids, you get harshness (IMHO). However, precutting bass before clipping and then boosting it after ,is very tasty. same with treble."
I think that this is what the designers of the TS808 and TS9 decided - cut bass and cut treble. Some people perceive this as a midrangey honk, though. It's all in the ear that's listening. There may be some tinkering with the amount of boost that makes the tone vary as well.  
Some folks like the sound of a resonant peak pre-distortion with a level such that most of the signal is not distorted a lot but the resonant peak really gets kicked into distortion. I have started thinking of this as Jimi's Wah Trick.  
I've been mulling over some other things like moving resonances and cutoffs depending on a sidechain like an LFO, footpedal, or envelope filter so that the distortion character changes depending on the sidechain events. This should add some animation to distorted sounds.  
In any case, go with what sounds good to you.

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