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BassBalls clone isn't working

10/12/1999 2:34 AM
BassBalls clone isn't working
Hi everyone,  
I've just finished making a clone of the EH BassBalls, and it has a problem.  
The Envelope detection section isn't doing it's thing, and I'm not even getting any sound from the 'fuzz' switching option, which says to me that the opamp isn't working.  
Thing is, I've tried 3 different ones now, the 1458 specified, plus two different TL072's, no difference. I've gone over the wiring a million times, nothing is out of place.  
I did see on a previous post by Mark Hammer that he thought two resistors were swapped on the schem, so I tried it both ways, to no avail.  
I'm at my wits end - can anyone help?  

Gus What brand? -- 10/12/1999 1:39 PM