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Tacking on some possible FF mods

10/8/1999 1:48 PM
Dai Hirokawa
Tacking on some possible FF mods
Some possibilities:  
-10uF in place of 20uF--less bottomy sounding  
-.1uF mylar bypass on the 20uF--very subtle change-more noticeable on single notes and w/the gtr. pot turned down  
-68uF tantalum (probably best to experiment w/this value) bypass in addition to 10uF--the tantalum's sonics adds interesting flavour to the distortion  
-higher value for the 0.01uF output coupling cap for less saturation(0.047uF, for example)  
Nothing major, but hopefully the above will be of some use to Fuzz Face-tweakers.  
Dai Hirokawa

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