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Re: sub-mini tube effects?

10/4/1999 8:56 PM
Re: sub-mini tube effects?
The required sockets would look like a multi-pin transistor socket, like for those ICs that came in a TO-5 can. The subminiature tubes are about 3/8" diameter and vary in length from about 1" to 2". They are all-glass, look like a tiny 7-pin or 9-pin tube, but the leads are thin wires, just like on a transistor. Most leads are at least an inch long, so they can be clipped short for socketing or soldered directly into the circuit. These tubes are sometimes referred to as pencil tubes. Sockets are definitely hard to find.  
Nuvistors are a different animal. They have a tiny metal housing, and a ceramic base recessed up into the skirt. The skirt has two blades of different width, that locate into perimeter slots on the socket. Some nuvister types are rare and expensive, but you could use the 6CW4 and 6DS4 types as tubes for a stompbox. Sockets are available, like at AES.

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