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Pseudo Boutique Fuzz Plus Pedal

10/4/1999 8:07 PM
Pseudo Boutique Fuzz Plus Pedal
I bought a fairly good fuzzface clone from a local store. The "company" is called Studio Scraps, and the pedal is housed in an electrical junction box. The price was reduced from $100 to $30 on the entire line of Studio Scraps because there is no bypass switch.  
How would I go about installing a true bypass switch where none existed?  
I haven't checked the fuzzface schematic against this pedal, but it does give a good version of it, exactly like the FuzzFace reissue modified by those at Tone  
It also has a boost switch, which would be great if it weren't such a major difference in volume. Is there anything I can do about to reduce the amount of boost?  

R.G. See:10/4/1999 8:31 PM
Mark Hammer
D'ja get it at Victor Litz? I saw ... -- 10/4/1999 8:34 PM