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Re: Sweetest pedal.. thickness/dynamics

9/27/1999 5:38 AM
Re: Sweetest pedal.. thickness/dynamics
I know what you are talking about. Most pedals make your amps sound small. On the designs I like, they don't do this.  
The pedals I like (and I am biased) are:  
The Shaka 3 - it does NOT thin out your amp with the tone control set appropriately. You do not lose bass and in fact, there are many settings that allow you to click in and out and hardly notice any change (other than distortion). It is very dynamic as well.  
The Minibooster 2 - although not as transparent as the Shaka 3, it does not thin out your amp. It's more for a mild to medium drive but it does sound good.  
Jack Orman's unreleased MS-1 - fat, sustainy, versatile pedal that can do lots of things and it doesn't make your amp sound small.  
I think a properly voiced CD4049 pedal ala Tube Sound Fuzz will be able to do this although I don't have one yet. The ones I made have a distinct slight bass loss even after I compensated for it.  
Perhaps even a cheap tube screamer with the feedback loop capacitor value increased will stop the annoying TS midrange hump and make it sound bigger.  

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