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previous: nic You mean 3MS "CBCB"? I thought that... -- 9/17/1999 4:17 AM View Thread

Re: 3ms pedal schems.

9/20/1999 3:31 AM
Re: 3ms pedal schems.
Yup. On closer inspection the CBCB's have hole spacing that exactly matches perfboard so if you don't want to bother drilling all the holes you could just glue the pattern onto a piece of perfboard. I actually like the idea of using cardboard, it's a kind of meaningless economy. Along the same lines I'm thinking of threading the shafts on control pots so I can use nuts as knobs.

R.G. q{ I actually like the idea of usin... -- 9/20/1999 4:05 AM
Mike Burgundy Re: Alt. knobs -- 9/21/1999 12:13 PM