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Re: Compressors

9/17/1999 4:08 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: Compressors
I own a USA made grey Ross compressor and I'd swear by it. To my ears there is no coloration of the sound, unless you set the output level to a fairly high value then you can start to overdrive the front end of your amp, but if you lay back on the level the sound is exact (except for the sustain) and it is still very warm, without pops and farts. The sustain knob is quite versitile, ranging from no effect to endless (well almost) sustain. With nothing else but the compressor on and the sustain all the way up I can get controlable feedback on clean settings (I use a strat plus through a Fender Blues DeVille).  
The problem is finding the little bastards. It took me 6 months to get one with out being out-bidded by some neo-hippie kid with daddy's wallet (Trey Anastasio from Phish uses one, so that is why they are becoming so hard to find, IMO) Sorry about that, I got a little worked up there. I just had about three deals for these things and then was informed that a kid had offered the seller $25 more than I did, can't blame the seller really...  
I've been working on a schematic to post on the net but the problem is that there is an LED/LDR unit which I can't find out the values to, if any one has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.  
Contrary to popular belief, the Ross (at least mine) is NOT a direct copy of a MXR DynaComp, the dynacomp does not use a LED/LDR unit. BUT the rest of the circuit is similar.  
Jay Doyle

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