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Re: 3ms pedal schems.

9/17/1999 12:27 AM
Re: 3ms pedal schems.
I just finished bulding a Tremulus and except for a couple of small goofs on my part (indicator LED in backwards, one cold solder joint) it worked perfectly. One note of caution, the parts placement diagram shows the 100k volume trimmer(I used a full sized pot) connected to the wrong pin on the op amp, connect it like it is in the schematic. Dann has probabably corrected this since I last downloaded it.  
I can't say enough good things about the construction technique detailed at the 3ms site. I've used it on two projects now and it worked great both times. It combines the advantages of perfboard and pc board without the time and expense of doing your own layouts and cardboard is cheaper than even perfboard.

nic You mean 3MS "CBCB"? I thought that... -- 9/17/1999 4:17 AM