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Re: Anyone know what to do with corrupted leads??

9/16/1999 12:41 AM
Don Symes
Re: Anyone know what to do with corrupted leads??
Yes, but...  
Option 1  
Use little bits of solid-core wire that's totally stripped.  
Tin the wire as well as you can (try stripping several inches, tinning and THEN cutting).  
Make a small solder blob on one side of the break.  
Solder a bit of wire into the blob, then solder the other end to the other side of the break.  
It's not a bad idea to flow thickish solder all along the wire, but sometimes you wind up lifting the wire and even more trace.  
Option 2  
Some one around here probably has a kit, PCB or toner transfer package for the Dist+. Just rebuild the thing.  

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