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Re: Boss Hyper Fuzz help?

9/13/1999 4:28 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: Boss Hyper Fuzz help?
The problem would seem to lie in the harmonic overtones created by the distortion/clipping section. As you start to play more than one note togeher at a time, the harmonic overtones (created by the distortion) of each note are added to the final sound. The problem is that harmonics above the third do not mesh musically as well as those harmonics which are created above the fifth, this is why your open G chords (or any full chords for that matter) sound mushy and bad; because the harmonics created over each individual note in the chord are conflicting musically with each other.  
Fixing this is the essence of all distortion mods. It is a search to find the right combination of components to produce the right overtones and create a harmonically "sweet" distortion. This is why Eric Johnson has techs searching for the "right" fuzz face. Some units are built with components that sound good together, others aren't. The problem lies in the fact that electrical components aren't manufactured for their "musical" properties, they are built to do the job they were intended to do, without regard for what they sound like through an electrical guitar rig.  
So, without a schematic I'm stabbing in the dark here, but I am guessing that the Boss Hyper Fuzz is a diode clipping type of distortion. It is in the diodes that the clipping/distortion takes place; switching diode types or adding more or different diodes will change the characteristic of your distortion, again it will be a search for the right combination. Adding a cap across the diodes will serve to "soften" the distortion but I doubt it will change the harmonic characteristics (Jack Ormon has a great article on this on the AMZ web page).  
Check out R.G., Aron and Jack's web pages for tons more info on this subject.  
Sorry about the length of this reponse,  
Jay Doyle

TPC Thanks guys for the input.... -- 9/14/1999 12:18 AM