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previous: Jay Doyle Ok, I've modded a TS5 to ts808 spec... -- 9/10/1999 4:10 PM View Thread

Re: TS-5 to TS-808 odd switching problem

9/10/1999 5:26 PM
F Yang
Re: TS-5 to TS-808 odd switching problem
Hi Jay  
Check the solder connections between the input jack and the PCB board. I've got a TS-5 where the joints were cracked around the legs, resulting in almost exactly the same problem you're describing (though I never narrowed the problem down to specific cord types...).  
The TS-5 is a bargain pedal, but pretty cheaply built in a few aspects. While in there, I'd touch up the solder joints around the DC-jack (if you use it) and the output jacks - anything that might be put under mechanical stress.