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Re: Ed-tone ruminations

9/9/1999 6:14 PM
Re: Ed-tone ruminations
If you desire a low power push-pull tube amp with an output transformer, to use as a saturated source, you might look at Stephen Delft's "Moonlight Amp" over on the AX84 site. Although this amp was developed as a guitar amp for quiet times, it may be a decent starting point for your application. The circuit uses a 12SN7 (you can use a more common 6SN7 with the appropriate filament transformer), both triodes in p-p. Granted, there is a very limited selection of pentodes that could be employed to obtain low-watt power levels in a p-p transformer loaded circuit. But the triodes may give you a sound close to what you're looking for. Add youre choice of 12AX7 preamp stages if you don't like the tube choice in the Moonlight circuit.  
With only a watt or two to dissipate, you could easily build a small speaker isolation cabinet for an interactive electromagnetic load that would be more realistic than a straight load resistor on the 8ohm winding.