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Re: Sweetest pedal..

9/9/1999 6:07 PM
Re: Sweetest pedal..
Here's the rub - I have heard MANY pedals that sound great in a specific situation. The Hotcake sounds great in a Trainwreck! The Klon sounds great through a Fender. The right Varidrive sounded good through a variety of amps. I say the "right" one because they differ a lot. You need to find the right one.  
My Shaka Braddah sounds great through my Blonde Bassman and even through black faced Bassmans and a Trainwreck _with specific guitars and speakers_.  
My point is that each pedal can sound good in a specific situation. It is nearly impossible to "generalize" and say that this pedal sucks and another is great because you have to put it in the context of the situation.  
In addition, an "overdrive" pedal is a loosely defined term as stated in the GEO effects FAQ and several of Jack Orman's articles.  

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