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Re:Minibooster Operation

9/9/1999 5:57 PM
Re:Minibooster Operation
Exactly, it doesn't do hard clipping very well - but it does a soft to medium clipping very well into a good tube amp.  
Now, I DO have a version of the cascaded MiniBooster - my Booster+ (3 of them with Radio Shack MPF102's) that does do harder clipping well - almost like a Big Muff.  
It has something to do with the gain of the booster. That Booster+ had unusually low gain. The J201's have very high gain.  
Yes, I have cascaded SHO's and 2 MiniBoosters with the different combinations I list on my site do not sound anything like the cascaded SHO's to me.  

R.G. Say, Aron - you get those MB2 board... -- 9/9/1999 6:03 PM