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Re: Sweetest pedal..

9/9/1999 9:44 AM
Re: Sweetest pedal..
Here's the problem:  
Through what amp and with what guitar?  
All of these pedals can sound like crap through the wrong setup. All of these pedals sound great through the instruments/amps that they were designed with.  
On the other hand, it's kinda hard to beat a high voltage tube device like the Varidrive.  
On the other hand - define "sweetnes".  
I've played them all and of the ones you mention, I like the Varidrive best. Next to the Varidrive is the Shaka Braddah III which I helped voice with Jack Orman.  
Next in line is the Hotcake - but all of these have to be played through the right amps.  

Hi Like Aron, I'm not sure what you me... -- 9/9/1999 12:44 PM