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Re: Ed-tone ruminations

9/4/1999 7:01 PM
Re: Ed-tone ruminations
I've been trying to find a pedal that does the cranked amp thing for 5 or 6 years and I'm sure there are people who have been searching much harder than I for even longer. There just isn't anything that comes close, although I think some people are getting closer. Forget the 12AX7 tube pedals, I A/B'ed several with my home modified TS-9 and found the TS 9 superior tonally. But the TS-9-style pedals don't do it either. There is or are pedals out there right now that have a power stage to them, too, so you can saturate the output transformer (that clean yet distorted sound), but they are all single-ended (one power tube), which, correct me if I'm wrong, will always have that cranked-SMALL-amp sound, which is not the clean-yet-disorted sound. So you could use a power attenuator--the THD Hotplate looks the best to me. Then you could use your Plexi head as the World's Largest Distortion Pedal (oh, I guess you'd have to buy a Plexi--The World's Most Expensive Distortion Pedal). That would work the best. (Forget about getting speaker cone distortion--I don't think it is as important as the transformer saturation)  
So that brings me to my favorite solution. Our other guitarist made a preamp out of an old tube reel-to-reel I gave him (damn, why did I do that?). I know it sounds hokey, like the first project in a musician's electronics cookbook, but it sounds incredible. It has two power tubes and a 1/4 in. output for the speaker(s), so he used a big power resistor as a dummy load and now it puts out a line level signal. This thing smokes! And the cool thing about doing this is you can get different sounds out of different tube complements (from different reel-to-reels). He made on out of a single ended reel-to-reel and it sounds very different from his other one. I saw a reel to reel at a thrift store recently that had four power tubes (don't ask me why they would make such a powerful reel-to-reel), but I didn't buy it and now I regret it. I bet it would have really had that clean pushed hard sound. These things work well because they usually have tone and volume controls and sometimes have two channels. Like I said, I know it sounds kinda cheesy, but many more guitarists than you think have done similar things...

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