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Re: Pedal Power Connector Standardization

9/3/1999 3:51 PM
Re: Pedal Power Connector Standardization
Based on the concept CJ described, my power supply source feeds a junction box unit which has an array of RCA phono jacks (insulated from the box, if you use metal box) connected to the regulated power source. Rather than messing with screw terminal connections for my individual jumpers to each effect, my jumpers have an RCA plug on one end, and the required FX mating power jack connector wired for correct polarity on the other end. RCA jacks are cheap, and they are foolproof in that they are open circuited when the plug is pulled out, either deliberately or inadvertantly. Jumpers can be tailored in length as necessary for a neat pedalboard wiring layout, or made extra long to accomodate any rearrangement, your choice.  
Just a suggestion to make it kind of foolproof, since a 15 year old (the guys who always seem to break input jacks) will be the primary user.