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Re: Ed-tone ruminations

9/3/1999 3:13 PM
Re: Ed-tone ruminations
So is this bootleg CD a live recording, or studio?  
I'm in agreement with your perceptions of the tone being distorted and clean at the same time. It would be nice if this could be achieved with one amp, or one super-stompbox, but it really can't. You need at least two signal chains (many more is better) run in parallel, one distorted and one clean for instance. This means separate amps & speakers on stage, or parallel recording tracks which are altered differently prior to mixing.  
It's easy to forget that many recordings start with a straight dry guitar signal, which gets modified by adding reverb and other effects to separate copies of the dry signal, then blended back together in just the right proportions for the most fantastic sound. This "artificially produced" sound is what we hear upon playback, thinking that this is what comes out of Ed's "amp". Even at a live concert, certainly in larger venues which VH commands, there is the enhancement created by the sound reinforcement system, different reverberation times of the left stage speakers and the right stage speakers as perceived by your listener location.  
For a live playing situation, you could achieve a multi-tonal enriched sound by using multiple amps (different types or same type with different settings, effects, etc) and even different speaker types in the various speaker cabinets connected to each amp. One box surely won't get it.

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