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Re: Inside the Turbo Tube Screamer

9/2/1999 12:28 PM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: Inside the Turbo Tube Screamer
Hi, got a used one recently--anyway here goes:  
"TS9"(Normal) mode(for comparison): .047uF mylar w/two small signal Si diodes  
"+" mode: 0.22uF polarized electrolytic w/four small signal Si diodes--two for the top of the waveform, two for bottom (these look the same as the ones used for the normal setting)  
"Hot" mode: 1uF polarized electrolytic w/pair of LEDs(w/a 470k in parallel w/the LEDs)  
"Turbo" mode: 2.2uF polarized electrolytic w/no diodes(seemed odd but it does look open)  
-the 4.7k and 51k are unchanged for all modes  
(Should be right, but any corrections welcome)  
Dai Hirokawa