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Re: MXR Dist+

8/30/1999 6:11 PM
Re: MXR Dist+
I built the schematic linked to on my web site and it works fine. I think R.G. wrote that one up.  
Jack revised it.  
It's basically an op amp to clippers and that's it. Here's the deal, if you run your EQ so that unfiltered buzz sounds horrible, than obviously the MXR will be horrible. For some unknown reason, both of my amps must roll off enough high end to make most unfiltered pedals "playable".  
Of course it's always possible that you could have something in backwards or the wrong value cap - but it's you so it's unlikely. :-)  
If other unfiltered pedals sound "OK" on your equipment (Electra Distortion, Muff Fuzz etc...) then it's the MXR circuit. If they all sound bad, it's possibly your amp/eq settings - don't like unfiltered pedals.  
Just some guesses.  

Mark Hammer Aesthetic differences I understand.... -- 8/30/1999 8:20 PM