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MXR Dist+

8/30/1999 5:07 PM
Mark HammerMXR Dist+
I put together one of these last week, and threw in a switch that selected between two 1N914's and a pair of 1N60's. I went with the latter because their clipping threshold was higher than the 1N34A's in my parts bin (.3V instead of .23). I also put in a DPDT footswitch.  
I never played one of these during my youth, and haven't tried a reissue at a retail outlet, so I have no point of comparison, but this thing is simply awful. The SI diodes have a nicer tone than the GE diodes, but neither are anything I look forward to playing. Both distort fine, but in a very abrasive way once you turn the gain up.  
More salient, with the GE diodes, there isn't a big volume difference from full-tilt both-knobs to bypass. The output level is fine with SI's, but my schematic (drawn from a 78-vintage pedal) indicates 1N270's as the original diodes.  
Since I make everything on perfboard, and cram it in ridiculously close together (I know, bad practice), there is always the possibility I have prevented myself from being able to see a simple wiring or component value error. Still, though, I'm wondering if there are errors in the schematic I am working with (Not that one couldn't deduce the components).  
So, does anyone know of a verifiably "perfect" schematic of this box, that will allow me to corroborate what I've done? Alteratively, is it supposed to sound this bad? I mean, we're talking the kind of distortion that sounds like the last AM station you can get on your car radio when you're in the middle of the mountains and desparately trying to keep one finger in touch with civilization.

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