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Re: Super Tube Screamer - Chip choices

8/30/1999 11:13 AM
Re: Super Tube Screamer - Chip choices
Based on the suggestions for some of the more modern dual opamps for use in the TS-series, it should not be too difficult to find a single that produces good sound, is in current production and readily available at modest cost. The OP-77, OP-27, NE531 and LM308 (compensation cap required on the last two) are some chips to start with. The LM308 has been used in the Rat and is supposed to be part of its special sound.  
Alternately, the damper resistor method described in the article at could be applied to widen the number of available choices. I've found that it prevents latch-up which can be the cause of the glitches that occur with some opamp inputs as they try to switch off.  
regards, Jack