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Re: RC4739 Dual op-amp

8/26/1999 1:05 AM
Dave James
Re: RC4739 Dual op-amp
The 4739 is a dual op-amp but may not be pin compatable. It's in a 14-pin DIP with the supply pins on 4 and 10 as I recall. Also, it's a non-compensated device and so has pins across which a capacitor would be connected to set the maximum gain bandwidth (in order to reduce oscillations).  
I have a Heathkit AA1214 stereo amp that uses the 4739 and over the years is has developed some "popcorn" noise. I attempted to replace it with a NE532(?) to no avail. I think the 4739's compensation caps where part of the RIAA playback curve circuitry as this was the phono cartridge preamp.  
I put the noisy 4739 back and left it...  

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